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Hand-Painted Placemats

Carole Shiber's placemat designs let you mix and match your own entertaining Tabletop Garden!

Interlocking Leaves
Hand Painted Placemats - Leaves
Carole Shiber Flower Placemats
Gift Box Party Placemats
Birthday Party Placemats - Gift Boxes
Palm Leaves
Palm Leaf Placemat
Shades of Grey
 Grey Black Silver Placemats
Carole Shiber's spirited line of interactive, interchangeable placemats invites us to have more fun at the table. Her whimsical yet sophisticated designs have encouraged us to celebrate everyday moments, like breakfast, lunch & dinner ~  and to bring even more beauty and creativity to our special occasions. Her intuitively pleasing placemats are beautifully artful on their own, as they're designed to ingeniously interlock and layer into botanic runners and centerpieces. Feel free to dine heartilly with these otherwise fine works of art, as Bill Cochran (Carole's partner in every way) has made sure they're as functional and easy-care as they are fun and beautiful. Just watch how gracefully each of these placemats dance with one another. After dancing and dining, they simply sponge clean, hoping never to have to leave the virtual dance floor.