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Art for the Table, Hand-Painted and Printed.  Leaves and Flowers, many festive shapes and concepts for all seasons and events. 

SculpTable Linen Basket, Green Petals

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Carole Shiber's SculpTable Linen Baskets are uniquely engineered with wired hems, hand-painted on absolutely gorgeous hemp linen such that they may be sculpted into shape for breads, crackers, cakes or nothing at all. Then they simply sponge clean and flatten to store. This one has green petals artfully painted with sage and pine dots punctuating the blooms. Each under-bloom is hand-painted in bronze, and then the edges are hand-piped in bronze paint. This piece is styled sitting on the same color ARTPrints Placemat. Use as a place-setting or a centerpiece. Carole signs the bottom of each one, authenticating it as functional fine art piece. Made exclusively in Kingston, New York. 

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