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As promised, Part II, November 2022

As promised, Part II, November 2022

Posted by Carole Shiber on 20th Nov 2022

OPEN HERE, to hear more:

That was a very long wait to hear Part II of a long story. I'm going to try this Blog thing again, with a thank you for still being interested. I'm going to edit now as I write to get down these initial details efficiently before another 6 years goes by.

So, there I was, that evening, with time to cut and sew 6 napkins out of 3 different colorways in the same fabric. Bear in mind, I had never made napkins before, had never really taken note of their shape or size, so I began to cut the first one in a way that seemed to make sense at the time: into a rectangle. Then hemmed the edges, and voila ~ the  rectangular napkin was born. In retrospect, I'm thinking there really isn't anything WRONG with a rectangular napkin. But in that moment, I didn't think it looked like a napkin. Good thing I realized it didn't look right before I cut up all of the fabric; and good thing I had purchased enough fabric to make mistakes, if that's what we want to call them. I finished the job that night, turning out 6 coordinating, pretty square hemmed napkins and 1 quite large rectangular napkin, all in coordinating colors. 

Stay tuned for more. I have to go finish designing my new Rainbow Trout Runner and Placemat.